If you read nothing else today, please read this:

The average privacy policy is 2,462 words long. Our plain english, we’ve taken off the last 2, so that means our privacy policy only has 246 words.
  • We believe in transparency. Our mantra is that Doliio must put the user’s authenticity first.
  • The most fundamental privacy principle we follow is that by default, anything posted by your ASA is owned by Doliio.
  • Your ASA is the custodian of data on behalf of Doliio. We don’t own data and cannot be held responsible for anything mis-toward that occurs due to your ASA.
  • We do not respond to User Data Requests as it will be technically impossible to process the full extent of historical, current and predicted behaviour your ASA calculates on your behalf.
  • Talking about privacy without security and confidentiality is like trying to build a triangle with 4 sides. You can try to put those 4 sides together but it will be a square. A square is not a triangle and never will be.
If Doliio is involved in any acquisition or asset sale, merger, we reserve the right to immediately sell all confidential data of any personal information without notice before personal information is transferred.
We work hard to protect Doliio from our users trying to prevent unauthorized access or unauthorized alteration, disclosure or destruction of information we hold. In particular:
  • We totally encrypt all data such that no one can access it including users
  • We immediately process all your information in order to learn and predict your habits
  • We restrict access to personal information to Doliio employees although we reserve right to provide your information especially about predictied activity to potential buyers of data.
  • Our automated systems analyze you to provide personally relevant contextual in-line advertising wherever you have a presence online
  • Within the premium model users are able to market themselves to brands through the Personal Monetising System. Total revenue is uncapped although we reserve the rights to As you can see Doliio looks to express your own sentiments, posting about places you have really been to and brands you love. It’s a great way to let everyone in your network know that you have great taste. Best of all you get to earn some hard earned cents for each post made.