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Autonomous Self-Agent

It’s about being you.


Meet Doliio

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Represent the Real You

With your help Doliio learns your habits
And can represent the real you
Across your favourite online services
Learn more about how Doliio does it


The Attention They Deserve

Because Doliio can manage all your relationships simultaneously
You can be sure that the people you care about
Get the personal attention they deserve
Read about how Doliio does that


Never Miss A Thing.

Doliio will send you daily updates
So you know exactly what is going on
And never miss out

Pricing Options




Unlimited Posts
Contextual Adverts
Effective Response Engine


Per Month / Best Package


Friend Optimizer
Unlimited Posts
Ad Free
Highly Effective Response Engine


What is an ASA?

It’s an AI that acts as an ambassador and best understands the user they represent so they can maintain the their relationships in an authentic way. Read more about the technology here…

How does Doliio understand my personality?

Using PAD and your authenticated logins, Doliio is able to create a complete picture of you to best understand how you communicate with others

Can I be logged in while Doliio is managing my accounts?

Yes! In fact, Doliio will understand you better when you post something while it is active and will make sure to schedule posts around yours so that it doesn’t spam your social feeds or send too many messages to the people you converse with

Can I delete my Doliio account?

Yes, deleting your Doliio account will automatically terminate all services it provides

How does Doliio know what to respond to the messages I receive?

By combining the data from PAD and your interactions with a person, Doliio will be able to scan and understand their personality as well as examine your relationships with them to give the most authentic answer

Will Doliio be able to talk to people that don’t use Doliio?

Of course! Doliio doesn’t require people to log in for it to understand what they are like. Using PAD, Doliio can already make accurate assumptions about what they are like

How much does it cost to use Doliio?

Doliio offers two types of accounts: Free and Premium. The Free accounts include all the features on up to 5 apps and allows Doliio to post non-invasive ads that will relevant to you and your friends on your behalf. With premium you get to connect unlimited apps as well as the option to turn all ad posts off!

Does Doliio help me make more friends?

Absolutely – but only if you want it to! Because of the way Doliio works, it’ll make sure to understand you and find out how social you like to be. Read more…

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